Serengeti – Sunrise
#landscape #travel / Location: Serengeti - Tanzania

Mornings drives are always a treat in the Serengeti. Not only are animals the most active during this time of day, the sunrises are also a spectacular sight. Colours in the sky change every minute, providing a spectacular light show at the beginning of each day. The skies over the Serengeti glows a bright orange a pink hue just before the sunrise – our guide Reggie from Team Kilimanjaro was constantly on the lookout for interesting wildlife activity.The sun rose above the horizon shortly after 6:30am, delivering an intense but breathtaking glow. As the sun rises, so does the colour in the sky – mists in the morning results in dramatic rays bursting through the clouds. The colors of the sun reflects brightly off of the dust clouds from the back of our Land Rover. Waking up at 5:30am in the morning is not easy to do, especially when it’s pitch dark out. However these sunrises more than make up for it.


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