Stonehenge – England
#landscape #travel / Location: Stonehenge - England

Stonehenge looked almost mystical in the dense fog. While visiting England, I had an opportunity to visit this prehistoric UNESCO site. Stonehenge was built around 3000-2000 BC. the true purpose of Stonehenge has been shrouded in mystery. Possibilities ranged from sun worshiping to a site with healing powers, or even perhaps a calendar. Many burial mounds surround the henge, adding more to the mystery. But regardless of it’s use, one can only marvel at the formation and the fact that these stones were moved from over 160 miles away.

I visited through a typical bus tour. Visitors came by the busload and were visible all around the monument. I was able to capture the bareness of the stones and it’s surroundings through the help of the fog, some creative cropping, and a bit of photo-editing. I wanted to capture how Stonehenge would’ve truly looked without the commercialism that surrounds it.

stonehenge fog
stonehenge fog 2
stonehenge fog 3

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