Vancouver Skyline – Morning and Evening
#landscape #vancouver / Location: Vancouver - Canada

Vancouver has been growing rapidly over the past few years. As a result, the Vancouver skyline is in constant shift as new buildings rise every year. I’m very lucky to have access to a wonderful viewpoint of downtown Vancouver skyline on the slopes of Mount Pleasant. I would often go here to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views. What I find different from most other North American cities is that Vancouver has a high density of residential housing in the downtown core. As a result, the city is constantly lit with its inhabitants. Given it’s a fairly young city, downtown Vancouver is filled with modern glass buildings, and has been famously dubbed the “City of Glass” by local author and artist Douglas Coupland.  A byproduct of liberal use of glass is the wonderful reflections of light off the windows over the course of the day. This is especially evident during the morning where the glow of the sky brings the city to life. As evening draws closer, the west facing side of each building reflects the warm tones of the dusk sky. Examples of this, along with the active condominium industry, can be seen in my images below.

downtown vancouver skyline morning

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