Whitecaps – BC Place Stadium
#landscape #vancouver / Location: BC Place Stadium - Vancouver

I went to my first Whitecaps game with my buddy Norman yesterday. It was held at the newly renovated BC Place Stadium (Bell Pitch Downtown). I do have to say it looks pretty nice inside, especially with the huge jumbo-tron in the middle. Before the start of the game, they opened up the retractable roof to demonstrate how it worked. It was cool but also a bit anti-climatic as it was quite slow.

The game started off with a bang with fireworks and performers to welcome the Whitecaps to their new stadium. We had the privilege of sitting right beside the Southsiders who were super fun and rowdy!   They brought streamers and flags and event a huge fake tree that they chopped down (we were facing the Portland Timbers). I need to start learning some of those Whitecaps chants for the next game!

I took a few photos during the game, including a panorama captured from my seat. In addition, there’s an image from the game’s opening celebration and a shot of the Southsiders doing their thing. I also snapped a few pictures of the players as well. Noticed some interesting dirt clouds when players were running on the field. Not sure what it is but it made the players look like they were running really fast!

– Throwback to October 2011

whitecaps bc place stadium opening ceremony
whitecaps panorama bc place stadium
southsiders whitecaps bc place stadium 4
southsiders whitecaps bc place stadium
whitecaps bc place stadium 2
whitecaps bc place stadium

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