Serengeti – Leopards
#travel / Location: Serengeti - Tanzania

We saw a surprising number of leopards in the Serengeti. Given we were only there for 3 days, our safari guide Reggie from Team Kilimanjaro had a keen eye in spotting leopards resting in the trees. Most sightings were usually just a leopard sleeping in a tree, or perhaps a half eaten carcass that was dragged up by a leopard, but not the leopard itself. However, on one late autumn evening, we saw leopards in action during a confrontation with a lion. It was a very tense situation, with the a mother leopard protecting her cubs from the lion. Hyenas started circling the lion and leopards, anticipating a possible meal out of the confrontation. I was able to snap a few shots of both the mother and the adolescent cub running by the safari vehicles. Unfortunately, we had to depart after the sunset so we didn’t see how the events panned out. Regardless, leopards are such majestic and powerful animals.

leopard serengeti tree sunset
leopard erengeti tall grass
leopard serengeti walking
leopard serengeti safari car
leopard serengeti sunset

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